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Special Guest Blogger: Makayla’s Birth Story

Special Guest Blogger: Makayla’s Birth Story

Makayla’s Story

December 20, 2010 I remember waking up thinking will today be the day? I had an appointment for my blood pressure to get checked and was really hoping I had made progress being dilated over the weekend! So I could have my baby that day. My blood pressure was not high and I had not dilated anymore than before. The lady decided to see if my Dr. was working at the hospital that day and she was. So they asked my Dr. if she would check me to see if I could be induced! Well, she agreed and about 2 hours later I was admitted and the Pitocin was started! The phone calls to all the family were made. I was 4-5 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced! I was excited, I thought this was going to be a fast labor. I had my epidural, and I assumed things were progressing.
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About 3 hours went by, and a midwife came in and said she was going to check me to see if she could break my water. Well, I had not dilated anymore, and my daughter was still up pretty high. So they did a ultrasound. The ultrasound showed my daughters head was tilted to the side a bit. So they were afraid if they broke my water the cord would flow out in the waters ahead of the head. Which would flatten the cord and she would not get any oxygen. So she turned me onto my side to see if her head would drop to the normal position. Well, about an hour later my Dr. came in with a couple of other Drs. and they checked my dilation, and saw that her head had dropped to the position they wanted it in. So the broke my water. About 15 minutes went by and they were having a hard time getting my daughters heart rate on the monitors, so they went in to put an internal monitor on her, and felt the cord. So the nurse yelled cord, and suddenly, everything that was happening is a blur. The last thing I can remember is Code C being yelled over the intercom system through out labor and delivery. Code c stands for pro-lapsed cord. Which meant more Drs. and nurses rushed in. This is what I was told. They were pulling out my epidural, and Pitocin and IV and rushing me into the emergency room for an emergency C-section. There was a nurse on the gurney with me holding my daughters head in so the cord did not come out and cut off her Oxygen.

15 minutes labor my daughter Makayla Rose was born. She weighed 6 lbs. 7 oz, and was born at 4:31 on December 20th, 2010. She was 20 inches long. Everything went smoothly and she was perfectly healthy! Not the way I wanted my baby to come, and was a pretty scary experience. But overall, I got what I wanted to have my baby home with me by Christmas! Life is crazy now, with 2 under 2 but it’s great!

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