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Special Guest Blogger: My Twins Experience #2

Special Guest Blogger: My Twins Experience #2

Written by NMO member, Manda: #2 in a series about her experience having twins

I have learned that even though all babies are babies, there are a lot of things that are different when you have twins. For one, even though you have things in common with all moms, when you meet a mom with multiples, you have another language between the two of you when talking about your experiences.

Also, you become a celebrity for the first year.  Every time you go anywhere you will be stopped at least 5-10 times at the grocery store and have to answer the same questions, and as you walk around you here someone say “look twins” like every 30 seconds. That will fade but continues for a while.

We have struggled with a lot of development issue which we aren’t sure if it is what is commonly called twin delay, or possibly autism. But that is another article all in its self which I hopefully will share one day. Because of them being born at 37 weeks, and just the lack of being able to give them the one on one most babies get, it is common for them to be behind with everything. That has been very stressful, but we now in a program which has been sensational. It is harder to do things by yourself outside the house with twins. We had issues with going to the store. I either had to go late at night when Owen was home or I had to wait for his days off. I did figure out a way if I needed a few things. I used the big bottom carriage of our stroller to the max, then I balance a crate from the top handle of the car seat (I used a snap and go stroller) to the bar with the cup holder, if that makes any sense. Then, when I unloaded I asked if they could get me a cart and help me out. I thought it worked better than it probably would having one car seat on top and one in the cart. That would leave you no space to put anything in the cart and I couldn’t see very well.

I also would feed them at the same time by laying a blanket down on the couch then I laid them head to head and kneeled down in front of the couch and gave it to them at the same time. It cut feeding time in half, even though it was not very comfortable. Then, I burped them one at a time or if I was up to it one on each shoulder.

If you are having multiples or you are dealing with them at the moment, I hope this helps you in some way or another. Just know that you will do just fine, you will find your own way simply because you have to. Hopefully, you have a very helpful partner because that is really the key. And get them on a schedule. Don’t be upset if you can’t breastfeed them, it is doable, but not always the best thing. I had to pump and use formula. Do what works best for you. Yes, things will be a harder to figure out but it will all be so great and so worth it.

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