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The Fussy Baby Book

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The Fussy Baby Book

Name of Product Being Reviewed:  The Fussy Baby Book

Author: Dr. Sears

Reviewed By: Stephanie Grabske (Stephanie is a working mother of a 14 month old and another baby on the way.  She lives in South Orange County and works as auditor.  She also runs a moms group and website She loves being a mom and watching her daughter grow up.)

Date Reviewed: 04/15/10

Pros: This book is for every parent who has a fussy baby and has looked relentlessly to find answers, cures and relief of the fussiness… only to find that nothing works.

Cons: I don’t really have any cons of the book. But I only suggest that when dealing with colic that you first consult with your pediatrician to rule out any medical issues.


When my daughter was born, I thought “what an easy baby”. 6 weeks to the day of her birth, she started becoming more and more fussy (inconsolable crying) in longer periods throughout the day. I felt helpless and trapped. For 3 months I could not set her down, and that included sleeping as well.  I couldn’t leave my house because she would scream in the car and in public places, only to leave me in tears as well. I looked forward to every pediatrician appointment, hoping there was going to be an answer, something that was going to cure her and relieve her of this misery. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months; no answers came and I still had a very unhappy baby.

I came across the Fussy Baby book in my tireless internet search for colic support. I don’t like to read, but I think I read this book in 45 minutes, front to back.

Dr. Sears, a well known and respected pediatrician and author, starts the book out by summarizing his experience with his own fussy baby (high needs babies as he refers to them). He then goes on to profile high needs babies as intense, draining, frequent feeders, demanding, frequent wakers, unsatisfied, supersensitive, and unable to put down. I felt like he was writing the book about my daughter.

Even though I never did get answers to or a cure for my daughter’s fussiness, the book was very reassuring that I was not alone and that I would get through this. It did, however, give me a whole different perspective on colic and fussiness. I realized, it is not always a medical issue, sometimes its personality! Not to imply that some babies have grumpy, unhappy personalities, but some babies react differently to “the baby stage” and need a little more. Looking back, I now say that my daughter was frustrated as a baby!

Dr. Sears goes on to explain that high needs babies grow to be high needs toddlers and type A adults. He gives advice and suggestions for parents of high needs children, suggesting that they may need more or something different than what you had planned as your role as a parent.

I cried after I read this book. But this time, my tears where from relief. Relief in knowing, I was not alone and “this too would pass”.

I look at my daughter now, at 14 months. She is exactly the child he describes in the book. And while she is still a little demanding, intense and draining, she also is energetic, driven, strong willed and enthusiastic, all wonderful characteristics of high needs children.

Having a high needs baby is definitely a challenge. But with that challenge, there are some wonderful gifts and lessons that come along with it. I love my daughter’s personality, her spunk, he determination and her ability to stand up for herself. Her pediatrician made a funny comment at our last appointment (she notes my daughter as one of the hardest cases she has seen). She said, “You know, you probably won’t be singing lullabies at bedtime with this one. No, you’ll likely, be singing and dancing to Hanna Montana before bed with Reagan”. This is so true!

If you have a fussy baby, I highly recommend you check out Dr. Sears Fussy Baby Book.

Overall Rating: (based on 5 palm tree rating system- 5 palm trees is a Mommy Oasis)

5 all the way! It’s not a book, it’s a bible!

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  1. cjncollins says:

    Great review Stephanie. Hopefully this will help provide mommies with the help and support they need when going through this difficult time. Thanks for sharing!

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