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Things I’ll Do Differently with Baby #2

Things I’ll Do Differently with Baby #2

As time has gone on and my daughter has turned from a baby to a toddler I have noted things in my head that I will do differently with my next child. As my due date quickly approaches (the baby is due 12/14) I thought I’d jot down these ideas and see how well I stick to them.

1- I will use a pacifier.

I swore off a pacifier before my daughter was born. I didn’t want to have a child walking around with a binkie in her mouth so my husband and I decided we wouldn’t give our baby one. However, our daughter was a crier and she cried and cried and cried. I would try to nurse her to calm her but if she wasn’t hungry she wouldn’t nurse to soothe. I tried a pacifier. I tried EVERY pacifier (see previous Pacifier Dilemma blog entry) and she wouldn’t take it. At that point we decided that our next child would be introduced to a pacifier as soon as he/she catches on to breastfeeding.

2- I will use a baby carrier

When my daughter was born I had already purchased a Moby Wrap and had received a Baby Bjorn as a shower gift. I tried the Moby wrap a couple times when my daughter was a few weeks old but she just cried and cried. I tried the Baby Bjorn when she was a few months old and she didn’t like that either. My husband used it a few times but she always ended up crying too much.  I purchased an Ergo when she was around 10 months old but she HATED that because she didn’t want to face backwards. I tried to use it on my hip but never really figured it out. SO, I plan to use the Moby from the start with the new baby so that I have my hands free for my daughter. I think if I start using this consistently the baby will like it.

3- I will put a hat on my baby

I was never consistent about putting a hat on my daughter but I plan to be with the new baby. My daughter had almost no hair and what hair she did have was a strawberry blonde color so her head was susceptible to sunburns. I had to put sunscreen on her head just about every day.  With this baby I plan to put a hat on him/her from the start (especially since it is winter) and I’m hoping that they baby will get used to wearing one.

So, that is my list of things I’ll do differently with baby #2.  There is nothing earth shattering about this list but I think it will make all of our lives a bit easier.  I’ll write an update about how these things are going once my little one arrives.

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