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Baby + Daylight Savings = AHHHHH!

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Baby + Daylight Savings = AHHHHH!

Yes, it is that time again! On Sunday, 3/14/10, most states will be springing our clocks forward one hour and that equals….one hour of lost sleep for moms and dads around the world =)!

Here are some tips that we took from different publications and websites to help you determine the best way to help your baby adjust to daylight savings time.

  • The first option is to do nothing. You stick to the same schedule and over two to three days they will naturally adjust to the time difference. What does this mean for mom and dad? You will have to wake up one hour earlier for a couple days =).
  • The second option is to slowly change your baby’s schedule over the course of a couple days before the time change. You can do this in 15-30 minute increments by keeping them up a little later each night and putting them down for naps a little bit later. What does this mean for mom and dad? Unfortuantely this can have a ripple effect for those babies who become overtired or cranky, such as waking up more in the middle of the night or shorter naps.
  • The third option is to wait until after daylight savings takes place and then slowly put them to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until they are back on schedule. For example, if their usual bedtime is 7pm, they will now actually be going to bed at 8pm. If your child is struggling to go to sleep at 7pm, put them to bed the first night at 7:45pm, the next night 7:30pm and the following night 7:15pm. From then on they should have adjusted to bedtime at the new daylight savings.

These are just a few ways to help your baby (& you!) adjust to daylight savings time. Only you know what will work best for your baby. Good luck & Happy Daylight Savings!

Have more ideas? Please ‘leave a reply’ to this post with your tips & ideas!

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  1. I hope everyone had a successful daylight savings time!!!! We took the “do nothing” route and we have a bit of a cranky baby today, but we’re still hopeful for tonight =)!

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