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Top Tips to Lead a Child to Healthy Eating

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Top Tips to Lead a Child to Healthy Eating

Top Tips to Lead a Child to Healthy Eating

It is shocking to learn that the daily diet of current generation kids is poorer as compared to children who were born a few decades back. This astounding result was released by a recent survey conducted by BBC. According to the survey, children belonging to the 1950s had a far better diet than kids today. This article tries to find out how parents can lead their kids to healthier eating habits.

Child Doesn’t Eat Healthy Food: Try Out These Tips

“If the children are not eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, it is the parents who are to be blamed”, this is what a recent study performed by scientists at University College London states. As per the study, nearly one third of the total number of children (aged below 6), do not eat fruits and veggies. However, the scenario improved highly as fruit and vegetable intake increased in parents. This research proves that building healthy food habits among kids is directly related to their parents. Let’s have a look at some tips on how to help your kids build up healthy eating habits.

  • Have family meals

Studies show that kids who sit and eat with the entire family are less prone to fall for junk foods. Moreover, it encourages your kids to eat more healthy food items, such as fruits, vegetable and whole grains. In addition to this family meals are good ways to cultivate social interaction and sense of discipline in your kids. Also, don’t forget they are kids; and they will eventually learn things you do in front of them. So, next time think twice before gulping down junk food.

  • Increase their liquid consumption

Constipation and low concentration level are a common issue with children these days. However, the reason behind these two problems is the same – dehydration. Children often don’t care to drink much water. This is why, as parents it’s your duty to encourage your kids to increase their water consumption in between meals.

  • Involve your kids

Getting kids involved in the cooking process is not only a good idea to teach them about the significance of a balanced meal; but it also helps your kids become a good decision maker in future.

  • Disguise the food

If you expect your children to start eating carrots and fruits right from the second day of your family meal plan, you are expecting too much. Kids are kids; and they take time to say YES to healthy foods. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying. The best way to feed healthy veggies to your kids is by hiding the food. You can do this by blending the vegetables into a soup, chopping it finely and serving with lasagna or you can even serve you kid with a freshly made fruit smoothie.

Whether it is encouraging healthy food habits or inducing discipline among children, it is the sole responsibility of the parents. So stop thinking and start acting. Follow these simple tips and don’t get surprised when the next time your 5 year old kid comes running to you and asks for an apple instead of a bag of chips.


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