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Trimming Nails, Not Fingers


What is the best way to trim your babies fingernails? That what the topic of my moms group’s first meeting.

I cut my babies thumb (yes, her thumb) and made her bleed her second day at home!  I cried hysterically over this.  Afraid to do it again I tried to filing her nails, but it was hard to file the edges without cutting the baby with the sharp edge.

Many suggestions were given by other new moms, here’s a couple that seem to work best for everyone:
1. Purchase the curved nail scissors but instead of cutting to the curve of the finger cut away from it. This way takes three cuts.

2. Use the nail clippers and stroke down over the nail until you hear the ‘click’ indicating that the bottom of the clipper is under the nail, then snip away. This takes two cuts.

3. Use a nail file and don’t use clippers at all.

Any way you do it, most new moms suggest to do the trimming while your baby is sleeping.  As your baby gets a bit older you may want to turn on a television program or use some other method of distraction, as babies don’t typically like their hands held in one place for too long!

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  1. Emily Kuhn says:

    Another method is to peel the nails off…if you can get it started at the edge with your clippers, it really works and is painless!

  2. I also have a set of clippers that has a light that is on beneath the finger so it shows where there is nail & where there is skin making it a little easier to see the edge. I still cut Riley’s finger but it was only once in six months. :-)


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