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Weight Gain Update: 33 weeks

Weight Gain Update: 33 weeks

I just had my 33-week prenatal appointment. As usual, I was dreading stepping on the scale.  I can never seem to get out of my head my doctor saying to me, “anything over 20 is yours to keep!” I already know (and so do you if you read my blog) that I am way over 20 lbs gained already.

I walked in, stepped on the scale and didn’t look at the results. I really didn’t want to know.   I was visiting with my doctor and she says, “so, you’ve gained 27lbs in 33 weeks- that’s great! That’s really good!”

I couldn’t believe she was saying that.  I went right home and had a celebratory oreo cookie!

I gained 30 pounds with my daughter so I will probably gain a few extra pounds this time around and I’m okay with that. I hear that it is harder getting the weight off from the second baby but I am sure as heck going to try!

Next appointment is in two weeks- my, how time flies!

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