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What to Pack for the Hospital

What to Pack for the Hospital

I am just days away from giving birth to my second child and I have everything packed and ready to go (I think)! I have read through multiple lists online of the must have items to take with you to the hospital. I have combined these lists into one that suited my needs.

Mothers Work, Inc.

For me:

  1. my own pillow

  2. hair brush/hair ties

  3. breastfeeding pillow (still debating this one)

  4. nursing bra

  5. nightgown

  6. robe

  7. breast pads

  8. outfit to go home in

  9. toiletries

  10. flip flops/slippers

  11. socks

  12. phone charger

  13. make up

  14. come home outfit for baby

  15. gift for Brett from baby

  16. cord banking box

  17. magazines

For my Husband (he stays in the hospital with me):

  1. pillow

  2. blanket

  3. toiletries

  4. glasses/contacts

  5. snacks or money for vending machine- labor can be really long!

  6. pajamas

  7. sweatshirt

  8. outfit to go home in

  9. 2 pairs of boxers

  10. music player

  11. camera

  12. video camera

  13. Scrabble =)

As a note, I do plan on getting an epidural during active labor and, because of my experience during my first labor, have decided not to put together a birth plan.  Every person should put together a list that suits their needs. This may include your birth plan, a birthing ball, dvd player, etc depending on what your plan is and what your hospital is equipped with.  Happy birthing!

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  1. Holly, NMO Founder says:

    Ok, so I forgot the Scrabble and really wish I would’ve had it with us. I did end up having my mom bring the breastfeeding pillow which was really useful. I also forgot my own pillow, which would’ve been nice but I did fine without.

  2. Timely, as I am 2 days overdue and timing contractions at the moment. Sounds like from your comment you had your baby. I think our due dates were very close. Congrats and thanks for the list!

  3. Karalynn says:

    if you plan on breastfeeding do bring your breastfeeding pillow its so much more comfortable especially if you wind up having a csection like i did

  4. Good list, but I’d like to add some things: sanitary pads, comfortable slippers, and things for baby – baby clothes, an approved car seat for a newborn, warm blankets. More things here –

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